At Asda, we're really proud of our relationship with IPL. They work with us to ensure we save our customers money so that they can live better. This section will detail who they, the products they shource and how we're jointly committed to driving sustainability in our supply chain. 


Who they are & what they source


IPL improve the value, quality and availability of our products whilst also lowering the cost of goods to Asda so they can pass on these savings to customers.



IPL produce and sell all produce for Asda which covers products from fruit, vegetables and salad through to houseplants and flowers. IPL source from all over the world, developing long term relationships with growers and suppliers, and work closely with farmers to ensure our products meet customer demands, providing freshness and great quality for the best price.




IPL’s ambient business focuses primarily on wine they are the largest supplier of wine to Asda, adhering to the highest technical standards within the industry and having successfully sourced a number of award winning wines.



IPL also worked with our chilled food business directly sourcing finished products. Working in partnership with Asda, they buy for less, using their team of experts to ensure we trade with sources that match our demanding standards of hygiene, quality, and availability.




IPL’s Sustainability Mission is “To do the right thing”. They build sustainability into their business and are committed to a continued progression towards sustainable practices in their own operations and those of the suppliers, factories, farms and growers we work with across three core pillars.


We see economic sustainability as our day job, maintaining a profitable business through driving effectiveness and efficiency throughout. They are committed to testing and working with new innovations to deliver a great quality product for our customers.




Environmental sustainability is about understanding our business and supply chains and the impact they have on the natural environment, with our aim being to reduce or eliminate any negative consequences. They have set targets on reducing our consumption of energy and water and also the volume of waste we produce, and operate a zero waste to landfill policy which has been achieved. They also continue to work to reduce the amount of waste generated by sites. Working with our suppliers, we have reduced the volume of packaging that comes into the system, as well as improving waste segregation by identifying paths to reduce, reuse and recycle waste and food surplus where possible


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The philosophy behind our social projects has been to invest in increasing the skills and competencies within the horticultural and food industries in some of the regions where IPL is most active. By reinvesting into these countries, we are able to positively influence and impact on processes within our supply chain.