Next Steps

Once you are confirmed as a supplier to our business we want to ensure you have an invaluable start to your working relationship with us. The below outlines some of the key first steps as a supplier and some of the support you can expect from us.


Website Access


This website acts as an important information portal for our suppliers. Once you are confirmed as a supplier we will provide you with a 6 digit account number. You will need to use this to register for full access to our website which will provide you with a plethora of information that should support answer all the questions you have regarding how to work effectively with ASDA. Key examples are:

  • Delivering a line to the depot
  • How do I get paid?
  • Understanding the legal issues
  • Account Management
  • How to sell more product
  • News and Events

You can register via the home page by clicking the ‘register’ button in the top right hand corner.


Setting up your products for sale in Asda Stores


The first stage will be to list your products - this is done via the New Line Form – training is available for this. Please see the ‘Account Management’ section of the site once you have a 6 digit account number to access that section. You will need a Retail Link User ID to access the New Line Form. There is also training to enable you to use Retail Link.


Note: It is essential that all information is correct in these processes, as legally you and we can be held responsible for the information transferred on these forms. If you are uncertain about how to complete this essential admin, please do ask for help – we want to get this right with you.


Supplier Best Welcome


Via the website you will see information regarding our Asda Supplier Best Welcome event and how to book to attend.


This event is aimed at both new suppliers to Asda and new colleagues within our existing supplier base on the Asda account.


The purpose of the event is to introduce you to Asda and how we work, taking you through the different aspects of trading with us. An overview of what to expect from the session is below:

  • Asda History & Being ASDA
  • Trading, Online, Marketing & Own Brand Strategy 
  • Closer to Stores
  • Asda Ethics Policy & Compliance
  • Sustainability
  • Supplier Training Available

Please note there is no charge to attend the Supplier Best Welcome.