Becoming a Supplier

Becoming an ASDA Supplier

We are always keen to hear about potential new products and services. As a business, we receive a high volume of e-mails from potential suppliers showing a genuine interest in supplying our business and customers. The below breaks down the process to submit a proposal but also how to ensure you submit the best possible representation of your product or service. 


Who to Contact

  • If you wish to supply Asda with a good for resale - please visit the Contact Us section and fill in the relevant form.
  • If you wish to supply Asda with a good not for resale – submit an e-mail proposal to
  • There is a different process if you wish to supply Asda with clothing or apparel. Please visit the George Supplier Webpage on and fill in their registration form.

Top Tips for Submitting a Proposal


Once we receipt your proposal, we will share the information with the relevant internal contact. Due to the high volume of requests we receive, you will only receive a response if there is a genuine interest in your product/service. If you don’t receive a response, we will have saved down your details for review as and when they become a relevant option for our business.


To ensure we receive the best possible representation of your products/service, please include:

  • Your contact details
  • An overview of your company name, size and location, any technical accreditations you have achieved, and a link to your website address if relevant
  • If it is a product, please ensure you detail what the product is, what makes it unique, the brand name, where the product is made, what department you see this sitting in, any key ingredients (if relevant) and an image
  • As we don’t have a centralised trading team, it is important we share your information with the relevant internal contact. If you sell products that would be sold in a different location within our stores, send them on separate e-mails
  • If it is a service, please ensure you detail what this service is and where it would be utilised
  • We do receive a high volume of e-mails. Please trust that our internal contacts will contact you if and when your product/service become relevant. Please do not resubmit the same proposals
  • Familiarise yourself with our business priorities
  • Asda does not accept unsolicited samples

ASDA are a responsible retailer, we would never condone any illegal practices or things our customers would disapprove of. It’s important that you understand what we mean by a Responsible, Effective Supply Base. We want to ensure that all the products we sell are as healthy as possible, created in as sustainable a way as possible, in a supply chain which meets our ethical standards….whilst still maintaining our focus on great value to the customer!


This means we have some basic standards outlined on this site which we need you to understand. Please review our Requirements section of the website.


Fraud Notice:


Recently we have seen an increase in instances of unauthorised third parties holding themselves out as Asda (or Asda colleagues) and pretending to purchase products from suppliers on our behalf.


As you know Asda doesn't place any orders for products by way of email. Instead we will always use our electronic ordering system, EDI.


We'd encourage all our suppliers to be vigilant against such practices. If you are ever unsure about the validity of any received communication purporting to originate from Asda, please contact us here or via the Asda Supplier Helpdesk 0843 299 0019.
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