Becoming a supplier

Ethnic Suppliers

Preparing for a Buyer Meeting

For more information on how to become an ASDA Supplier, view the Becoming an ASDA Supplier page.


Who Should Present?

It is strongly recommended that the person attending the event has excellent company knowledge and product background. This is a unique opportunity and the person presenting should be able to cover any aspect of the company and products. You will be required to prepare either a PowerPoint presentation on screen or hand out hard copies - which ever you are more comfortable with.

Benchmarking Activity

Before the initial meeting, the Asda buying team has requested that all selected suppliers carry out a benchmarking activity. This will involve carrying out research into what products are already available in Asda stores, reviewing price points, packaging, product quality, where your product will sit in comparison to others on the shelf and in which category i.e. chilled, ambient, or frozen. Also consider whether your product should replace an existing line. The benchmarking should form the discussion of the meeting so that you can discuss your findings in detail.

When Will the Product Launch in Store?

It is important to note that if the buyers agree to list a product it can take up to a year before the product actually launches in store. Instore activity changes occur as a timetables event throughout the year. Visibility of this will be made available at the meeting.

Store Distribution

Suppliers will be expected to state where they see their product being sold - Truely Local, Local, Regional, National - and if possible also recommend stores they feel the products should be sold from.


Suppliers should indicate a recommended retail price in the initial buyer meeting; this should be based on the benchmarking activity. If the price is higher than similar products in the market, suppliers should be able to state why (e.g., better quality etc). Consideration should be given to Ingredient Declarations and Quid Values (e.g. Fruit Content in Jam)


The supplier should be able to talk through the packaging of the product and state if the product is RRP (Retail Ready Packaging), shelf ready, explain how it feature on the shelf against competitor's products. The supplier should be able to discuss the labelling and ensure that all packaging is legal and has a barcode.

Technical Accreditations

Please refer to Asda Local & Ethnic Technical Policy.


Where possible please bring along samples in the relevant packaging (where appropriate) to the event in order to promote the product - we do not have facilities on site for products to be heated or cooked. Aim to bring competitors products where applicable.

Why Should Asda Sell Your Product?

This should be apparent from the benchmarking activity - focus on the Unique selling points and why it is better than similar products in store.


If the Asda team like your product you will be given guidance and support on the next steps for listing the line.

Alternatively, if you are unsuccessful, Asda will give you guidance on how to progress and increase your chances of getting a listing at a later date.