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Welcome to the fast-paced and rewarding world of ASDA. Part of the Wal*Mart family, ASDA occupies the number 2 position in UK grocery retailing, but that’s not all. We also hold a leading position in the UK clothing market with our George clothing brand, and are making increasing inroads into the UK’s General Merchandise sector.

With over 350 stores and over 160,000 colleagues,
we are a vital part of many communities in the UK.

Our Mission - to be Britain's most trusted retailer exceeding customer needs every day Our Purpose - to save everyone money, every day Our 3 Beliefs - Service to our Customers - Respect for the Individual - Strive for Excellence

The purpose of this website is to aid communication between ASDA and our supplier base. It should be a way for us to keep you up to date with what’s happening in ASDA, as well as a place where you can find contacts, policies and resources to help you get things done in ASDA.

Whether you are a new supplier starting to work with us, or an existing supplier with specific queries, the site should be here to help you along, smooth our working relationship, and answer your questions.

We’ve built the site with input from long-established and new suppliers, but if you have questions that we haven’t managed to answer here, please let us know.

Supplier Engagement

The Supplier Engagement team exist to convey information between ASDA and our Trading partners. We do this in many ways, via ownership of this website, conferences, senior level meetings, and interface with our Wal*Mart colleagues around the world. If we can help you, please contact us via the email address below (please note - the Trading Support team are not buyers so will be unable to assist in getting potential product lines listed. For this type of query you would need to contact the relevant buying team depending on the product you manufacture / supply):

Contact info

Name Asda Supplier Engagement
Email asdasupplierengagement@asda.co.uk